Aug 28, 2014

Back in Action..

its been a long time I am posting something here .life was too busy just came back after one month vacation from india.these are some of my creations.A big paisley design painted on bedsheet.

pillow case with pleated edging decorated with a golden ribbon..

Mar 17, 2013

hand embroidery on pillow cases

completed hand embroidery on pillowcases..this was made for my cosister..she gifted me 3 Bombay Deing bedsheet set in pastel colours..I thoughtt I will make one for her .. Last post I asked ur suggestion for choosing colour for daisy..Thanks guys for ur valuable comments..

she was so happy by seeing this..

As per her request I made one table runner for her living room.. 

A close up view..Attatched a tassel for corner..

Have a nice day to All...

Mar 5, 2013

table runner

table runner for my home in india..I made this table runner according to the  curtain colour..last vacation  I brought this green colour fabric from home ..I was searching a gud combination for it..when I saw this stripe material from  bedsheet shop first sight itself  I picked up..looking very bright and cheerful..happy with the result..this project is a 10 minute table runner..u can make it in 10 minutes..Embellished with a button.. 
 foundation pieced table topper after binding..want to try more and more quilting after finishing this one..

work in progress..embroidery on pillow case..this design is from yesteryearembroidery blog..her beautiful vintage hand embroideries are truely inspiring..
 not quite happy with yellow colour daisy..have to change  it..if u are doing embroidery which colour thread will u use  for daisy..?
ur comments are always valuable for me..  thank u for ur visit here drop ur  comments ..

Jan 25, 2013

party frock for a birthday girl.

I always  love to take challenges..but never thought it will be this much of my friends asked me to stitch party frocks for her one year old girl..two frocks I is stretchable material with net and other one is a lacy material..sorry second one I forgot to take snap..

 hats off to those ppl who is sewing with this type of material..somehow I managed to finish both these frocks..but it was like testing my  patience level.   Thereafter my sewing machine is not friendly with acts funny..
I finished foundation pieced block conducted by my friend desiquilt..binding is yet  to do..
I know ..there is some more perfection needed in mitered corner..
if u want to try this block pls visit her blog..
thank you friends dropping ur comments here..

Jan 16, 2013

New Year..with new hopes and dreams..

This is my first post in 2013..let me wish all of u a wonderful new year ahead.
I have designed a bedsheet for my dearest friend.Her favourite colour is yellow
.peach colour daisies painted on yellow bedsheet..

daisy flower bouquet design on centre.

Adaisy flower motif..
Learning something new.

Last year I joined desiquilt for learning quilting.A wonderful world of quilting..I was amazed by th works of those talented ladies..I think I am the only one beginner there....but didnt have confidence to start anything..When I paper piecing quilt qal.on .participated qal with them..I Really enjoyed making this .....
 it is yet to finish..i will post the completed one.soon

Dec 28, 2012

I love strawberries...Do'nt you...?

I love polka dot fabrics..when I was a small girl I used to wear polka dotted frocks...when I saw

Christmas Pillow Linky Party 

on  Nima's blog I decided to make one pillow case with polka dot material and white.but I cudnt post it that time for some reason...I think most of them know  about my love towards strawberries .this is the first time I am using fusible turned out very well...and it is quite easy..if u want to make strawberry applique pls go through this link.. I got inspiration from her..I have done only one pillow the other one is on work in progress only..
attached a zip on back side of the pillow..have to design bed sheet also..will come with complete set of bedsheet ...

thank u  for ur visit here and dropping  comments...
have a good day!

Dec 19, 2012

table runner..

A simple organza table runner made from a wedding net...I took this net from my sisters cupboard long time ago..she insisted me to do something out of it..I think this is the right time to sew a table runner for this festive mood to decorate our is a reversible table runner.I attatched a same colour material for back..embellished  golden beads for corners..three flower applique stitched on the centre.I know most of u people are busy with sewing for the christmas decoration..

happy sewing..

Nov 30, 2012

After a long break....

 Its been long time I posted something  over here...coz I was visiting india to see my friends and relatives.. Now I am feeling fresh and energetic and I feel I can focus  on creative work.. started some new work..Got an order from a friend .to design a bed sheet with pillow cover and a pair of cushions.for her..
..fabric colour was her choice...if u like it pls check my other designs on facebook..please like it and share it..
 Last week I had a chance to visit  craftland in dubai...truely a paradise for crafters...They are giving classes also...bought some crafty materials...qsnap frame..and some ribbons..fusible web etc..when I reached home unpacked my qsnap frame..I cudnt assemble it..something is missing..I am attaching a picture of it...
is qsnap frame will look like this...? otherwise I have to go again there.

Abu  Dhabi has been blessed with rain last two I am enjoying every moment of it....I love that pit pat patter of of raindrops!...
Have a nice day !

Jul 31, 2012

hand embroidery on pillow cases..

These embroidered pillow case was a real challenge for me..I am not talking about embroidery,(choosing  a  right colour thread.).it almost took a week to decide which colour for lazy daisy flowers and french makes me lazy too..ha..ha..holy month of ramadan started ..little busy with  prayer and household chores.Hardly get any time to do crafts...for the deep  love for embroidery I managed some time for   complete more is yet to complete..I dont know when it finishes..
Thank u for visiting my blog and dropping ur comments..
have a blessed day....

Jul 17, 2012

pepalleaf painting..

A wall hanging.. made out of some unused material..
I used to go for walking with my hubby to corniche area.summer is too hot in uae these days...I always make excuses  not to go day I. noticed some dried pepal leaves were laying on grass..I collected some..for just fun....yesterday I was cleaning my kitchen shelves I found one small black colour  tray..something flashed in my is the result..

Jul 12, 2012

some sewing talk...

This time I am with some sewing finishes...nowadays I dont sew much ..this table runner was in my wish to make list long I spend some time for it..if  you are looking for a tutorial..pls see here..

 learning something new..quilting block..this is my very first block..there is one qal going on desi  quilters blog.this one i felt simple so I tried it..but need some more perfection...hmmm..
A french seamed pillow case..simple and elegant way to make pillow cases..very easy once u follow this way u will fall in love will make more and more..see this vedio tutorial...interesting na..

did tracing design for embroidery ...cudnt decide which colour thread I shud use..
I would love to hear ur opinion..

Jul 9, 2012

Mirror Image

Long time I was  thinking to make this mirror shaped doily..I was waiting for a good colour thread  to start..recently  had a chance to  visit  my local craft shop where I found lot of beautiful colours..I collect most of I could..when my doily was progressing  I noticed it is a replica of Aaranmula kannadi mirror.. first time I  did blocking so got a nice finishing..

SIZE:15'' wide and 24 &1/2 long.
Materials; glossy quality crochet cotton size 10,pink about 200 yards.steal crochet hook us size 4(1.75 mm).
Pattern is from MAGIC CROCHET  magazine..
Busy with some bed sheet painting and sewing and quilting and so many ufo projects..I will try to complete it before ramadan starts..

Thanks for dropping ur comments it gives inspiration to do more projects..
Bye from now..have a nice day..

May 27, 2012

My grape vine yard is ready for Harvesting!

when u read my title u might be thinking that I am blogging about vineyard, harvesting..etc.ha..ha..this is my new project..only theme is grape vine yard..fabric painting did on a light green colour bed sheet with garpes motif. 

motifs on pillow cover..


Apr 26, 2012

chikan embroidery sal finished...!

completed the motif..I missed 7 th it took some time to finish the class..Thank u very much Anitha for the effort u have taken..class was very interesting I enjoyed every moment I was doing..hope we can learn lot from u..pls have a look at it and comment ur suggestion to improve..
hi readers if u want to learn the stitches pls go through this link..


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