pepalleaf painting..

A wall hanging.. made out of some unused material..
I used to go for walking with my hubby to corniche area.summer is too hot in uae these days...I always make excuses  not to go day I. noticed some dried pepal leaves were laying on grass..I collected some..for just fun....yesterday I was cleaning my kitchen shelves I found one small black colour  tray..something flashed in my is the result..

pepal leaf painting is an ancient painting in kerala,india..mainly using temple images or animal images or scenery..
 for drying pepal leaf .. u have to soak pepal leaf at least for  one month in water....clean the leaf by a brush..and let it dry..
usualy pepal leaf is painting by oil colours..started outer area with red colour..then blue..then played with green..not satisfied with the out come..break all rules and paint with acrylic paints..and 3d outlner..for some glossy look..

 wrote gods name..(god is great).glued painted leaf on black tray..
 hmmm..not satisfied fully..lets do some abstract design on that background ..
 see the result....oooohh..not bad..I am happy ...with this result..

good bye..
meet u all soon with my next project..
have a nice day..


lovely wall hanging
Nima Titus said…
That's a beautiful piece of work Vaheeda.
vaheeda said…
thank u kasthurirajam..
vaheeda said…
thanks dear nima!
vaheeda said…
thank u deepa!
Geetha Rao said…

Wonderful works......

Really loved it.....