Jul 31, 2012

hand embroidery on pillow cases..

These embroidered pillow case was a real challenge for me..I am not talking about embroidery,(choosing  a  right colour thread.).it almost took a week to decide which colour for lazy daisy flowers and french knots..it makes me lazy too..ha..ha..holy month of ramadan started ..little busy with  prayer and household chores.Hardly get any time to do crafts...for the deep  love for embroidery I managed some time for   complete it..one more is yet to complete..I dont know when it finishes..
Thank u for visiting my blog and dropping ur comments..
have a blessed day....

Jul 17, 2012

pepalleaf painting..

A wall hanging.. made out of some unused material..
I used to go for walking with my hubby to corniche area.summer is too hot in uae these days...I always make excuses  not to go there.one day I. noticed some dried pepal leaves were laying on grass..I collected some..for just fun....yesterday I was cleaning my kitchen shelves I found one small black colour  tray..something flashed in my mind..here is the result..

Jul 12, 2012

some sewing talk...

This time I am with some sewing finishes...nowadays I dont sew much ..this table runner was in my wish to make list long time..today I spend some time for it..if  you are looking for a tutorial..pls see here..

 learning something new..quilting block..this is my very first block..there is one qal going on desi  quilters blog.this one i felt simple so I tried it..but need some more perfection...hmmm..
A french seamed pillow case..simple and elegant way to make pillow cases..very easy once u follow this way u will fall in love ..you will make more and more..see this vedio tutorial...interesting na..

did tracing design for embroidery ...cudnt decide which colour thread I shud use..
I would love to hear ur opinion..

Jul 9, 2012

Mirror Image

Long time I was  thinking to make this mirror shaped doily..I was waiting for a good colour thread  to start..recently  had a chance to  visit  my local craft shop where I found lot of beautiful colours..I collect most of them.as I could..when my doily was progressing  I noticed it is a replica of Aaranmula kannadi mirror.. first time I  did blocking so got a nice finishing..

SIZE:15'' wide and 24 &1/2 long.
Materials; glossy quality crochet cotton size 10,pink about 200 yards.steal crochet hook us size 4(1.75 mm).
Pattern is from MAGIC CROCHET  magazine..
Busy with some bed sheet painting and sewing and quilting and so many ufo projects..I will try to complete it before ramadan starts..

Thanks for dropping ur comments it gives inspiration to do more projects..
Bye from now..have a nice day..


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