Jan 30, 2011

bead edging

hi all..this time with beads...did a bead edging on kurtha..it is easy and fun to make...
here is the instruction how I made this...
secure the sewing thread to the inside of the fabric.try to do it as close to the edge of the fabric so the knot will not show or come loose..pick up 1 bead (I used large size bead)and 1 sugar bead..bring the needle through the fabric from back to front..then pass the needle through the eye of the large bead..then take a small stitch..and secure it..just do the same procedure till the end..
I think this video can help u...

Jan 23, 2011

ribbon wonders!!!!!!

A hand made cushion cover...
My dearest sister sent me a carton full of satin ribbons and embroidery threads and some crystal beads from Saudi Arabia...I was so happy ...I have made some   flowers out of my ribbon collection... actually I want to make something useful from ribbon collections..this project was somehow inspired from http://craftaworld.blogspot.com; ...Farah was courteous enough to offer  a wonderful tutorial about herringbone pillow ....instead of cloth strips I used satin ribbons...the texture of pillow reminds me of coconut palm leaves. hope it came out well!!!!

Jan 22, 2011

crochet flower vase

for a better view
crochet flower vase ..flowers are plastic one..I made this flower vase only..

crochet fruit basket

I am again with a crochet project..whatever i am planning to make it ends up with crochet..ha...ha..this picture is showing dull green colour ..Exact colour  it is olive green ...attatched  roses on both front and back side..feeling to add some leaves...what do u say...? is it enough...

Jan 18, 2011

button rose...

for flowers I used cup stitch and leaves in fern stitch...flower is looking like a button .so I named it button rose...ha...ha...

bullion rose..

this flower is looking so pretty in real..but sadly I cudnt take a better picture..I am very poor in taking photoes.....

bullion flower..bullion rose...and button roses..

some hand embroidery trials..first one is bullion flower...

aari work on kurtha

aari embrodery did on a kurtha...a very strenuous  work....may be I am  a beginner...

hand embroidery

kamal kadai work done on  art silk saree..started this work 1 year ago but cudnt complete the design ..shortage of thread..usually kamal embroidery is doing with cone thread.only.and that thread is not available here  in abudhabi.
so saree was laying on the cupboard..here is the design..once the design completed i will post the entire pallu designs..colour of the saree I didnt like much..but it is so precious to me..because my friend   gave me this as a gift.it is a peach (towards orange)colour.

Jan 17, 2011

beads jacket

crochet baby booties

my baby booties are ready for a walk!!!
this one I made for my niece azzah ..thought will make a hat and a cute baby dress..but they visited me last day and I gave it to them...u can learn this technique  from this video...

Jan 16, 2011

telephone stand

A telephone stand made from a pvc pipe..
mixture of white cement+water+coconut husk powder applied on the cylinder shaped pipe .once it is dried put some clay grapes and leaves...then painted with acrlic colour..

Jan 14, 2011

filet crochet table runner

proudly presents my crochet table runners

hi friends...  proudly presents my crochet table runner...it is a big project..made this when I was in bahrain.it tooks almost 3 months to complete...it is brugal crochet..instructions I will post later...

Jan 6, 2011

fabric painting design....Add caption

fabric painted bed sheets

This is one of my favourite projects..A handpainted bed sheet..u know why...I am living in a  place where I can get alot of nice cotton bed sheet materials ..One of the shop keepers gave me some cut pieces ...I joined them together by stitching and add some fabric painting designs on it....here is the result comes..hope u like it!!!!
one more fabric painted bed sheet

pls visit my online shop..zova..hand embroidered and painted linens

designer bed linens

hand embroidery on pillow cover.. small bunch of flower added beauty to this pillow...bullion flowers are my favourite...looking cute know....

Jan 5, 2011

ribbon embroidery on kurtha

hi all..I am back with a kurtha ...embroidered with ribbon...and stuck some flower applique also..

Jan 4, 2011

flower basket

double cross stitch on cushion cover

double cross stitch embroidery did on this cushion cover..actually it was a jute bag ..I like the natural colour of jute...first I started embroidery ..with black colour wool ..did star stitch(double cross stitch )diagonaly. upwards and downwards..then will get a diamond shape .inside that shape  I used white red mustard colour thread.alternatively....centre I attatched a mirror with a frame..if u look at the picture closely u will get idea how I did this...sides I joined red satin cloth ..

hand embroidery on kurtha

ribbon embroidery


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