party frock for a birthday girl.

I always  love to take challenges..but never thought it will be this much of my friends asked me to stitch party frocks for her one year old girl..two frocks I is stretchable material with net and other one is a lacy material..sorry second one I forgot to take snap..

 hats off to those ppl who is sewing with this type of material..somehow I managed to finish both these frocks..but it was like testing my  patience level.   Thereafter my sewing machine is not friendly with acts funny..
I finished foundation pieced block conducted by my friend desiquilt..binding is yet  to do..
I know ..there is some more perfection needed in mitered corner..
if u want to try this block pls visit her blog..
thank you friends dropping ur comments here..


Anne said…
Pretty dress, a lot of work in that! Congrats! And you quilt is very nice. Nima is talented too! :)
vaheeda said…
Thank u so much Anne!..
Such a cute dress and the block is so colorful!
Nima said…
the dress looks cute...thank you for trying the foundation piecing block