Feb 27, 2012

I made it!!!

  Finally managed to work on a crochet strawberry and I feel  proud as it has come out very well.  Courtsey to Nima  for her freebie pattern. Hope you all enjoy my new work.pattern is here

Feb 23, 2012


I know today is not wednesday..I shud post this on wednesday..yesterday I was sick .so cudnt post this..WIP is the word was not familiar with me,though I completeted my  blog 1 year....thanks to Nima who clarified it!her beautiful strawberry pattern is I am currently working...pls have a look at her blog..I am sure u will addicted to it..Like me...
Join us!
Last week  I was  linking  up with Tamis blog..I have a lot of unfinished projects..this wool eater pattern I started 2 weeks ago.when I saw this pattern in pinterest   . I really like the pattern and started doing it.I used yarn from my stash..without thinking of colour combination ,The name is apt for this pattern..wool eater...very easy to follow instruction..but it takes lot of yarn and my yellow colour  finished ..so I  was postponding this project.. I managed it with slightly pale yellow yarn.. if I continue the steps  what colour u prefer ..?
 A crochet cupcakecaddy...now using as a pincushion..

Lampshade make over..got a lampshade base ..winded it with maroon ribbon and embellished with a beaded fern and a butterfly..a sequin lace pasted on bottom..still feeling to do some more ferns or a white big butterfly...OMG! I am confused ! what u say..?is it enough..
Have a nice weekend..bye from now...

Feb 7, 2012

Award Again!!!

An award again!!I am so happy to get my second award..versatile award..from my blogger friend ramvino..

thanks dear..u made my day..she is a versatile crafter.she likes to do different type of crafts..crochet,embroidery.recycling crafts..I love her smoked round shaped pillows ..some of her works still in my wish to  make list..
I wud like to share 7 things about me
I am a crafty person who dream always about new projects..
love to read books..
Beleive in true friendship..
I love recycling..
Always admire others work and apreciate them.
I love to spend time in search of beautiful handycrafts..embroidery itoms..
 I love to decorate my home with my own creations..
I want to pass this award todivya
I love reading her blog..I like her fabric painting too..her writing skill I admire a lot..nowadays dont get much time to spend there..sorry divya..for not commenting posts..

 My hearty Congratulations to you..divya......Accept the
  award and link back to the person who gave it you and
  share 7 things about yourself.

Feb 1, 2012

Make over....

This time I am with some makeover..A sofa back turn in to a cushion cover..I have some old sofa back cloth which I am not using ,My sofa is lowback seat one..so I make it as a cushion cover..centre I embellished with a wooden square button.

 I like these flowers...

A diffrent view..
Hope u like it! Thanks all for the lovely comments..Have a nice day... .


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