beads jacket

A gift to my friend sandhya..
she is a very  good crocheter ,she is doing  crochet very quickly and neatly..i always wonder how she is doing crochet this much fastly..I have one book containing some crochet dress patterns..when I saw this pattern I was thinking abt u...sandhya..pls do it and share it with us...
here is the pattern...

Make 5 ch &put sl st in the 1st ch to form a ring.for neck miss 2 tr each Row.

Row1:make 3 standing ch&put 9 tron the ring.

Row 2:make 3 standing ch and put 2 tr on the 1st tr ,then take 1 bead & put tr,then again 2 tr on the next tr ,then again take 1 bead and put tr,till 5 th tr &put 2 tr onthe 5th tr ,then take 1 bead &put 1 tr &again put 2 tr on the same tr,repeat same procedure till last tr &on the last tr put 2 tr.

Row:3: make 3 standing ch&put 2 tr in the 1st tr ,then put tr till 5th tr gr on the 5th tr,put 5 dtr without bead, then put again tr on the next each tr on the last tr put again 2 tr .Repeat same process as much width u like.
Note:in all rows 1st and last tr always put 2 tr from both side to increase width of the jacket &also remember for one row take bead &next row make without bead.


Row1:Miss 2 tr &put 1 dc on the next tr , then make 2 standing ch &put 1 tr on the next tr with bead again put 2 tr on the next 2 tr,then take 1 bead &put 1 tr on the next tr repeat same procedure till 5 dtr gr. put 2 tr
on the mid of the 5 dtr gr, then take 1 bead&put 1 tr and then again put 2 tr on the same tr, repeat same procedure till end.

Row:miss 2tr&put 1 dc on the next rows.make 2 standing ch&again put tr on each tr without bead,then put 5 dtr on 5th  dtr gr with bead again put tr till end.repeat same procedure as much length u want but also follow the rows.


sandhya said…
hai vahee.............thank you so.....much for this wonderful pattern. i will try this soon dear